Red Bull wants to develop a Road Car?

Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing wants to be recognized as a serious engineering company away from the racetrack, and plans to use its tie-up with Infiniti to move into road car development.

RBR boss Christian Horner told Autocar he wants to “use Red Bull’s expertise outside F1.”

“Red Bull used to be known only as an energy drink company, but now it is recognized as an engineering team. It’s a natural evolution for us to get involved in road car engineering,” Horner added.

Chief among the Infiniti/RBR plans is a co-developed sports model, although Nissan’s luxury arm has not yet disclosed which car will receive this treatment. Infiniti insiders are already suggesting brand awareness is rising because of the F1 tie-up with Red Bull (which uses Renault engines in its F1 cars, but carries Infiniti branding on the cars) which has been aided by hiring RBR driver Sebastian Vettel as a “global ambassador” for the company.

Following Ferrari and McLaren’s footsteps?   How much Red Bull are people drinking?


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