Danica stays in the News….

If Danica Patrick hadn’t got herself in hot water over comments made concerning the IZOD IndyCar Series’ trip to Japan, she might have made up for it with some insinuations about her competitors and pending departure to NASCAR.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Patrick said as more than a driver, as a fan, she enjoys more than just the racing.

“I’m a fan, too. I’m a consumer. I love to see fights. I love to see crashes,” she told the AP. “I love to see drivers being honest with their emotions and letting everyone know what they think.”

Patrick continued with a mention of Brazilian drivers, which did not go over well on Twitter in the immediate aftermath.

“Oddly enough, I would say that the older I get, the more aggressive I get. Is that weird?” she told the AP in Richmond. “I didn’t start like a Brazilian driver and go out ‘Whoooo’ and hit everything and figure it out later. I started out much more patient with other drivers and patient with myself and respectful.

“Now I’m much more of the attitude – and it’s probably because I have fenders these days – but much more of the attitude ‘Don’t mess with me. I will hit you back,'” she said.

Tony Kanaan refuted the comments on Twitter, in defending the Brazilian heritage of racing.

“She didn’t start like a Brazilian because she is not capable of such a thing. Never will be,” Kanaan said on Twitter late Wednesday night.

He tweeted later, “I think I will start like a Brazilian this weekend. Hahahahahaha.”

Hey, at least she knows how to get in the headlines!

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