Dana Point – In Depth – 1960 Plymouth Fury

All cars at concourses have proud owners, so more willing then others to tell their stories.   Meet Denny Grundy, owner of one of my favorites from the Dana Point Concourse last week.

He and is wife, Pat, are proud owners of a very original 1960 Plymouth Fury that has been in his family over 30 years.  All the glass and window seals are original (and look great).   After a multi-year restoration, Denny can tell you all about where and which suppliers to avoid.  The car was originally in Indiana, and used as transportation at the Military Stout Base there.  The car still has the original window sticker and id tag.

Apparently, Denny’s family at one time owned a Mobil filling station, and after they sold it, he found a box of old door stickers, that mechanics used to use to list the last time the oil was changed.  After all the restoration was completed, one of the finishing touches was to re-stick the pristine maintenance sticker in the exact location of the original.   Thanks to Denny and his wife for sharing their fabulous car and stories.



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