Dana Point – In Depth: Bruce Canepa

Had a few minutes with driver, restoration expert, entrrepreneur and owner of Canepa Design in Scott’s Valley at an event here in Dana Point.  Bruce had brought along his Le Mans winning Porsche  as well as a recently completed restoration for of another LeMans win Porsche for Bruce Meyer’s stable.

Both cars were impeccible as you can expect from Bruce and he pointed out that the restore for Bruce’s car was completed in an incredible 90 days.  I first saw the completed 935 on Rodeo Drive for the Father’s Day show, and Bruce told me that they had just finished the car days before.

The picture here is of the car at Dana Point.   Bruce is now off to Goodwood, where he will be driving the Toyota Pikes Peak car up the driveway/ hill climb there.  I think when I grow up, I want to be Bruce (either one!)

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