Glickenhaus may enter LMP1 class at Le Mans

by  Jake Lingeman
James Glickenhaus, the man who brought you the Ferrari  P4/5, is working on a new car to be used in top-level endurance racing such as  the 24 Hours of Le Mans, possibly as early as 2014. Recently, sketches of the  car—currently called the P4/5 Competizione LMP—have made their way to the  Internet.

Glickenhaus made his money in the stock market and film industry, but he  became a household name among car guys when he commissioned the one-of-one  Ferrari P4/5 Pininfarina.  Though Ferrari didn’t sanction the build, once they saw the car, they gave the  OK for the P4/5 to wear a Ferrari badge.

Later, Glickenhaus developed a Competizione version which was piloted to a 6  minute, 51 second lap around Germany’s Nurburgring with help from a  kinetic-energy recovery system, or KERS. That’s the fastest recorded time for a  Ferrari-powered car, though it was wearing race tires, which makes comparing it  with any street car an apples and oranges affair.

He will return to the ‘ring on Oct. 27 with another evolution of the P4/5,  this time with better brakes, new Dunlop tires, better weight balance and a  motor bored out from 4.0 to 4.4 liters. The aim is to beat the previous record  while competing for the FIA World Championship Alternate Energy Cup.

The new LMP car will not be a Ferrari in any way. After Glickenhaus’  Competizione car, he and the Prancing Horse went their separate ways. He is  currently looking for some media buzz and an engine manufacturer, and it looks  to be going well. Glickenhaus says he already has interest from one manufacturer  and is hoping to garner more. He hasn’t ruled anything out. Glickenhaus says  they could use a diesel powerplant or a smaller turbocharged gas engine. There  is also a new technique for recovering wasted turbo energy, which Glickenhaus  says is also not out of the question. He’s currently working with endurance  racing’s governing body, the ACO, to understand the rules that he would have to  adhere to if he competes.

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