Pirelli Issues F1 Statistics from 2012 Season –

Here are some interesting status that Pirelli disclosed for the this past F1 Season:


Total number of pitstops this season: 957 (including 14 Drive-Through and 2 Stop & Go)

Total average stops per race: 47.9, ie 1.9 per driver

Largest number of stops in a race: 76 Malaysia

Minimum number of stops in the race: 24 United States

Off the fastest: 2.31 s (McLaren / Jenson Button Grand Prix of Germany)


Number of exceedances in 2012: 994, besides Brazil

Largest number of exceedances in the dry: 90 at Chinese GP

Largest number of exceedances in the wet: 76, Malaysian GP

Lowest number of exceedances in the dry: 12 at Monaco GP


Total distance traveled by all the P Zero compounds in 2012 (races and tests): Drive: 101’692 – Medium: 121’840 – Supertendre: 21’993 – Intermediate: 13’770 – Rain: 7’930

Temperature of the coolest track on which ran a compound Pirelli P Zero 2012 United States GP, 11 ° C per track, 17 November. 0 ° C in winter testing at the Circuito de Jerez on February 10.

Track temperature highest which ran on a compound Pirelli P Zero 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix, 55 ° C, 23 November.

The cooler temperature: USA GP, 4 ° C on 17 November. -2 ° C, winter testing in Jerez on February 10.

Highest ambient temperature: European GP, ​​37 ° C, 21 June

Time to download all the data in RTS tires this season (incl.tests): 92 h

Number of samples taken by engineers temperature pneumatic race weekend: 124

Total distance traveled by the F1 tires in 2012 (forwarding): 216’967 km

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