LeMans Movie with Pitt and Cruise ?



Tom Cruise has been linked with a big-screen adaptation of legendary Carroll Shelby’s tilt with Ferrari at Le Mans. Although there still has been no confirmation of production plans for the movie, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Brad Pitt is also now being linked with “Go Like Hell.”

While Cruise is tipped to play Shelby in the movie, it’s not yet known who the producers of the project have in mind for Pitt to play.images7FS1EHWO

The movie, which is expected to be directed by Joseph Kosinski (who previously worked with Cruise in Oblivion) would be based on the 2009 book “Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari and their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans” by A.J. Baime, which relates the story of the grudge match at Le Mans in the 1960s between Ford and Ferrari, which followed Henry Ford II’s unsuccessful attempt to purchase the Italian marque and culminated in the 1966 24 Hours (pictured). Shelby was a key player on the Ford side in that fight, and was interviewed by Baime extensively for the book.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Pitt had been connected with a previously planned iteration of the project in 2009, which would have been directed by Michael Mann. The star has remained interested in the project since then, the paper says

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