Long Beach Grand Prix 2014 Photo Highlights….

Long Beach always entertains, and this, the 40th version, was no exception.

2014 LBGP 0255

Always a good time in Long Beach, what appeared to be “In the bag” was not and in the right place at the right time, Mike Conway, was victorious.  Besides the “brain freeze” from Ryan Hunter Reay (and a few others that piled in afterwards), the racing was great and multiple fuel/ tire strategies played into the outcome.

2014 LBGP 1368

Sports car racing was also represented, with Ganassi and Patron team as favorites.  Do miss the Muscle Milk, Mike Shank and Dyson, so I hope they turn up again soon.  Nice to see factory effort from Porsche back in the game.

2014 LBGP 0052

Finally, a nice tribute to the 40th Anniversary, with several previous cars (and winners) appearing.  Nice work.

2014 LBGP 0034

Here is a link to my Photos.

2014 LBGP 0122


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