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Batmobile Number 1 sells for 4.2 Million !

The George Barris owned Batmobile from the 1966 TV Series, the most well know custom car of all time, sold tonight at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale for an astonishing $4,200,000.  Bob Varsha and others where expecting closer $200,000, but when the dust settled all Bob could say was, “…What just happened here?”….   Congratulations to George, who at 87 years old, still was hamming it up on the microphone.   As of last Saturday, the car was still in his North Hollywood shop.. think I will go by to see if it gone.  Knowing George, it wouldn’t surprise me if the old fox had two and still has one.    Watch this space.

2011 OC Car (18) ~FRP1371_DSC00544 ~FRP1364_DSC00542

By the way, the total selling prices was 4,620,000 – (with commissions – yikes Batman!)

New Gordon Murray Batmobile –

Designer Gordon Murray strikes again!  I met him several years ago at a  racing meet for the then BMW McLaren F1 Sports Car team and was happy to see his latest creation.

New Cars:

Gordon Murray Designs has revealed this modern recreation of the Batmobile, a futuristic take on the iconic comic-book car.

New Cars:







Special features include a ‘quiet mover’ at the front (a “breathable carbonfibre outer body skin” which reduces drag, increases the car’s speed and allows the Batmobile to “move silently about its business”) anti detection transmitters, and laser beams in the car’s nose.

The Batmobile is powered by hydrogen, which is stored in twin tanks in its right-hand-side flanks. A fuel cell stack is on the car’s left flank and this powers lithium-ion batteries.

Instead of standard alloys, the Batmobile sits on ‘virtual wheels’. According to the technical drawings, the wheel’s force-field generators “oppose gravity and lifts the Batmobile to a levitation position 40mm above the ground”.

Gordon Murray, designer of the iconic McLaren F1 and numerous other successful racing cars, said, “We at are proud to have designed the Batmobile for the Batman Live show. We have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to apply advanced materials and concepts to create a truly unique take on one of the world’s most iconic vehicles.”

The car will feature in the Batman Live show which kicks off on July 19 in Manchester, UK.