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James Hatfield Custom Beauty


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2016 Hetfield Custom with Grundge

New Artwork – Volume 8 Edition 2

Toyota Hybrid – WEC racing at Circuit of the Americas

Toyota Hybrid Pits

New Artwork – Volume 8 Edition 1

Here is from the Justice Bros Collection

Sprinters 2


Porsche GT3 Hybrid

Love this, hope you do too!

Porsche GT3R Hybrid

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Niki Lauda Ferrari Artwork

Niki L 2



New Artwork…

I have been away from this site for a while as I have been using Google+ for updated artwork from various events I have attended in the past.  Look for me in Google+ by using #mymotorways

Here are few samples of some of the things I have been posting of late:

Snaps April  (25) snapseed-17 snapseed-05 snapseed-11 snapseed-15

Jaguar buys the largest British car collection in the world –

From Autoweek:



27 years ago, James Hull started his dentistry business in a small town in Wales. Today his dental empire reigns across 50 locations across Great Britain, tweaking the teeth of self-conscious Britons to the tune of nearly 7 million pounds per year ($11.8 million) and a business value of nearly 90 million pounds ($152 million). There’s a lot of money to be made, evidently, in overthrowing a British stereotype. Mr. Hull — cricketer, cancer survivor (3 times!), and self-confessed workaholic — spent this fortune quietly amassing one of the UK’s largest car collections: a whopping 543 cars, scurried away in an airy, skylight-laden warehouse in Hertfordshire, north of London.


The Special Operations division will move the collection to its historic Browns Lane home in Coventry, approximately 70 miles northwest of Hertfordshire. Jaguar plans to leave the collection intact — it won’t divest itself of any of the vestigial brands of the once-noble British automobile industry. No doubt Jaguar will begin trucking its historic models to press events and unveilings across the world, to dazzle the journalists who might view the upcoming XE this September. Surely, a rare aluminum-bodied XK120 should do that job well. –


See more at: http://autoweek.com/article/classic-cars/jaguar-buys-worlds-largest-collection-british-cars?utm_source=DailyDrive20140729&utm_medium=enewsletter&utm_term=image-center&utm_content=body&utm_campaign=awdailydrive#sthash.lxZBk72b.dpuf

Mustang Madness at the Petersen Museum


2014 Mustang Madness00150th Year of the debut of the Mustang was held at the Petersen Museum May 4, with mockup of 2015 as well as many special Mustangs, both in the museum and in the roof parking lot.  Many thanks to the Petersen, Galpin Ford, Roush and FoMoCo for the great show! (See complete picture coverage below)

2014 Mustang Madness0112014 Mustang Madness064

2014 Mustang Madness003

Design for Morgan Motor Company








The Challenge

You are invited to collaborate with the leaders in product design, advertising and 3D technology by producing a magazine ad for the Morgan Motor Company to help them launch their latest 3 Wheeler at a major automotive trade show. Submissions will be reviewed by an esteemed panel of judges.


Designers, graphic artists, visualization experts, engineers, architects and digital artists are invited to submit a design of a magazine ad featuring a rendering of a Morgan 3 Wheeler.

See Site below for details:


Design a Trophy Contest… Really!

The Grand Prix of Indianapolis Trophy Design Contest is your chance to create an iconic piece of Indianapolis Motor Speedway tradition. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is asking you, the fans, to help us design the trophy for our new event in 2014, the Grand Prix of Indianapolis. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a talented individual to create a trophy that will stand next to other iconic trophies from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for years to come.

The winning designer will receive an invitation to appear and be recognized at the official unveiling for the new Grand Prix of Indianapolis Trophy in early February. The winning designer also will receive one replica of the new Grand Prix of Indianapolis trophy, two suite tickets to the inaugural race Saturday, May 10, 2014 and a post-race photo opportunity with the winner of the 2014 Grand Prix of Indianapolis. To view the rules and regulations of the contest, click here.

Will your design be the best?

How Do I Enter The Contest?

Easy!  First, read the guidelines for trophy creation below:

  • Ideal weight of trophy should be close to 15 pounds.
  • May not be more than 2 feet wide at the base.
  • May not be more than 3 feet tall.
  • All components of the trophy must be attached. No      two-part trophies will be selected.
  • This trophy should be unique to the Grand Prix of      Indianapolis. No bottles of milk or other iconic items related to the      Indianapolis 500, Brickyard 400 or the Red Bull Indianapolis GP.
  • Be creative! The design can be any shape that you      desire. It can be a cup, a plate, a bowl – anything!

Next, and this is the fun part, get to designing! Let your creativity run free! The sky is the limit!

Once you have the design completed, you’ll need to submit your concept. This can be done using the below form. You must include your first name, last name, email address (so we can contact you if you win), a brief description of your trophy and the most important part – your design. Designs can be submitted in these formats: .jpg, .gif, .png, or .pdf.

Entries will be accepted through January 18, 2014.  Get to work!