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Purple People Eater Lambo



From SuperSunday Event – The Purple road eater- Sunset Plaza Jan 2018


New McLaren 

Grand Tour is Finally Here!

From Jalopnik

After a disappointing revamped 23rd Season of BBC’s Top Gear and an agonizingly long wait, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May finally returned in their brand-new and obscenely well-funded Amazon Prime motoring show, The Grand Tour. And it just picked up right where the trio’s Top Gear narrative ended.


To many of us, all we ever wanted out of The Grand Tour was a proper return to form from what the Trio’s Top Gear show used to be. For others, we were hoping it would give the hosts and producer Andy Wilman a chance to try something new. Some freedom to explore new concepts, the ability to do things they never could do on a BBC hour-long show.


They didn’t. The first episode of The Grand Tour was a fun return to form, but for the most part, it was nothing we hadn’t seen before.

The main narrative of Episode One was the trio finally getting their hands on the “Holy Trinity” of hypercars: The La Ferrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918. That’s exactly what they had been trying to do on Top Gearbefore Jeremy Clarkson ruined everything over a cold-cut.

After the first show, you won’t wonder how in the heck Amazon could be reportedly spending $5 million per episode.

Here’s why:  its unappealing name Grand Tour refers to the fact that the studio segment anchoring the BBC version has been replaced by a huge tent which will be placed in a different country each week.  Episode 1 has the tent and the audience in Dry Rabbit Lake in the Mojave Desert in California.  (That’s in the middle of nowhere, I assure you).  Next week, Johannesburg, South Africa.  That much relocation gotta cost.  Also, the show has its own racetrack (which we’re told passes next to an undetonated World War II bomb).


Wait, there’s more!  The show is filmed Ultra HD, which means hypercars exploding around tracks positively breathtaking.  Great start guys!


Rebellion WEC Lotus

Artwork and original photography taken at COTA (Austin).


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Mercedes SLS Rocket Ship

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Petersen SLS 53

Petersen Museum Bugatti


Bugatti from the new Petersen Museum, Los Angeles, CA

Petersen Bugatti Silver Interior

Petersen Bugatti Silver


Who am I?

F50 Engine Bay

James Hatfield Custom Beauty


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2016 Hetfield Custom with Grundge

Mercedes SLS Gullwing


Nice looking Mercedes and new Gullwing Look !Petersen SLS Gullwing

So what is a Laguna anyway?

So what is a Laguna?

The latest 3 wheeled vehicle out of Utah…


2016 SS 0403 (179)089 2016 SS 0403 (176)086

The one I saw had amazing fit and finish.   Worth a look if nothing else… at Vanderhallusa.com


2016 SS 0403 (180)091 2016 SS 0403 (177)087