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Ferrari Celebrates 60 years in USA, In Style!

La Ferrari 6

I was fortunate to attend the Ferrari 60th Year in the USA on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills on Oct 12 and what a show!  A fantastic array of what was one of the best collections of Ferraris ever assembled; racers from the past, multi-million dollar vintage and contemporary models at a great venue.   (Not one, but Two La Ferraris where in attendance).

2014-10-12 15.02.24

Also interviewed by Bruce Meyer’s  where drivers Stephan Johanson, Dan Gurney, Bob Bondurant and Memo Gidley

2014 Ferrari 60th 561






Also on site was the only surviving original P4 Racer completely restored (priceless) along with many 250 TRs.    The photo taking was tough with the large crowds, but well worth the challenge.  Thank you Ferrari and the Owners that made this event possible.

2014 Ferrari 60th 244 2014 Ferrari 60th 780 La Ferrari 5

Here is the official Ferrari event video:


Ferrari F150 – Unofficially of course….

Text from Jalopnik: (see additional Video link at the bottom)

Yesterday Ferrari announced on its official Instagram page that the Enzo-replacing F150 hypercar will debut at the Geneva Motor Show. There is just one problem with that: We just spoke to Ferrari, and they don’t have an official Instagram page. Uh oh.

When we saw the Instagram post yesterday, we got so excited that we started frothing at the mouth and immediately published a story. We ignored the suspect grammar on the page since we were so stoked. We even ignored the fact that Ferrari spelled the word “official” as “oficial” on its “official” page. So did nearly every other car website on the known internet.

This morning I got an email that said this wasn’t Ferrari’s Instagram page. So I emailed Ferrari. They replied very quickly and confirmed what we now suspected: Ferrari does not have an Instagram page.

Even though the note on Instagram is false, we do still expect the epic sounding F150 to debut in Geneva. Just goes to show that you can’t believe everything on the internet anymore…. But in case you have doubts, take a listen at: