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Advanced 3D Printer Creates Nano-Indycar

Vienna University of Technology

On Tuesday, researchers at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) announced a new 3D printing technology capable of creating intricately detailed structures at the nanometer scale with unprecedented speed.
The process, called two-photon lithography (TPL), works by tracing a finely focused laser beam through a pool of resin. As the beam’s focal point—just two photons wide—pulses into the liquid, the resin hardens on that point and leaves behind a solid structure. As a demonstration of the printer’s capabilities, researchers printed a 285-micrometer-long Indycar replica. It’s just larger than a few strands of hair.
Why a race car? Jan Torgersen, project assistant at TU Vienna’s Institute of Materials Science and Technology, says “It just fits high-speed printing.”

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Dark Day for Indycar Racing

I have been a fan for over 30 years and the size and speed of yesterday’s accident at Las Vegas was terrifying.  The drivers know the risks of course, but as the cars become safer and safer, it tends to not be in the front of everyone’s thoughts, until the cold water of reality hits.  Condolences to Dan’s family and the Indycar community.  I was at the event in Fontana that took Greg Moore’s life, but back then no one knew what happened until after the race.  I think this management team did the wise thing and stopping the event as they did.

Dan Wheldon sits in the cockpit of the new IndyCar chassis before giving it its first track tryout in August 2011. Photo by: LAT PHOTOGRAPHIC

I followed the events via twitter as most of the teams in Indycar use it to communicate to fans and tone of the messages kept getting darker and darker until the announcement of Dan’s passing was made.

The racing will go on, and with the new car Dan helped test, hopefully will prevent the from occurring again.  But as Michael Andretti said, “The are professionals and they know what they are doing”.    Dark day still….


Danica stays in the News….

If Danica Patrick hadn’t got herself in hot water over comments made concerning the IZOD IndyCar Series’ trip to Japan, she might have made up for it with some insinuations about her competitors and pending departure to NASCAR.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Patrick said as more than a driver, as a fan, she enjoys more than just the racing.

“I’m a fan, too. I’m a consumer. I love to see fights. I love to see crashes,” she told the AP. “I love to see drivers being honest with their emotions and letting everyone know what they think.”

Patrick continued with a mention of Brazilian drivers, which did not go over well on Twitter in the immediate aftermath.

“Oddly enough, I would say that the older I get, the more aggressive I get. Is that weird?” she told the AP in Richmond. “I didn’t start like a Brazilian driver and go out ‘Whoooo’ and hit everything and figure it out later. I started out much more patient with other drivers and patient with myself and respectful.

“Now I’m much more of the attitude – and it’s probably because I have fenders these days – but much more of the attitude ‘Don’t mess with me. I will hit you back,'” she said.

Tony Kanaan refuted the comments on Twitter, in defending the Brazilian heritage of racing.

“She didn’t start like a Brazilian because she is not capable of such a thing. Never will be,” Kanaan said on Twitter late Wednesday night.

He tweeted later, “I think I will start like a Brazilian this weekend. Hahahahahaha.”

Hey, at least she knows how to get in the headlines!