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A New (Old) Jaguar XKE

The most desirable version of one of the world’s most iconic cars is to have production relaunched – but only six models will be made.

Jaguar yesterday announced plans to build ‘Lightweight’ E-types after the British firm only ever created 12 despite plans to manufacture 18.

The cars were raced by the likes of Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart and can now command a price tag of over £4million.

Six brand new lightweight E-types are being built by Jaguar, all to the original specification

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Jaguar buys the largest British car collection in the world –

From Autoweek:



27 years ago, James Hull started his dentistry business in a small town in Wales. Today his dental empire reigns across 50 locations across Great Britain, tweaking the teeth of self-conscious Britons to the tune of nearly 7 million pounds per year ($11.8 million) and a business value of nearly 90 million pounds ($152 million). There’s a lot of money to be made, evidently, in overthrowing a British stereotype. Mr. Hull — cricketer, cancer survivor (3 times!), and self-confessed workaholic — spent this fortune quietly amassing one of the UK’s largest car collections: a whopping 543 cars, scurried away in an airy, skylight-laden warehouse in Hertfordshire, north of London.


The Special Operations division will move the collection to its historic Browns Lane home in Coventry, approximately 70 miles northwest of Hertfordshire. Jaguar plans to leave the collection intact — it won’t divest itself of any of the vestigial brands of the once-noble British automobile industry. No doubt Jaguar will begin trucking its historic models to press events and unveilings across the world, to dazzle the journalists who might view the upcoming XE this September. Surely, a rare aluminum-bodied XK120 should do that job well. –


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Google+ Hangout with Ian Callum, Design Director, Jaguar USA

Very interesting use of technology with Ian Callum, Head Designer of Jaguar