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Purple People Eater Lambo



From SuperSunday Event – The Purple road eater- Sunset Plaza Jan 2018

Super Sunday Pictures – More, More, More

More Super Sunday Show Photos from Feb 23

SS 0223



SS 0222001

My First Super Sunday Show for 2014

SS 01192014 1

Check out my first gallery from 2014 for the Auto Gallery Woodland Hills Super Sunday Show


Super Sunday Holiday Car Show 2013 (“Lambo-fest”)

2013 SS Holiday 102

Annual Super Sunday show in Woodland Hills, CA presented by Auto Gallery – this was there big event and it did not disappoint.  The sight of over 15 Lamborghinis lined up was spectacular and the variety was very impressive.  Check out my photo site below and enjoy!


Lamborghini LMP−F

Lamborghini LMP – F?  Well, F is for fictitious, but love the designers idea shown here and at the site below…  If only… !