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What Happened to the Toyota at LeMans?

What happened at Toyota?

June 19, 2016


Trent Price/Stefan Ruitenberg

There were just two minutes left on the clock, when Kazuki Nakajima’s number five Toyota TS050 began to slow after the second Mulsanne chicane until coming to an abrupt halt but a few metres after the start-finish line.

Nakajima could only look on in horror as the number two 919 Porsche Hybrid of Romain Dumas cruised past – the eventually winner probably just as gobsmacked at what was transpiring.

Toyota team mate and second-placed Stéphane Sarrazin summed it up best, saying: “even in your worst nightmares you don’t think about that.”

“The car was great to drive” said Nakajima. “It was tough to have Porsche #2 only 30 seconds behind me towards the end but we had the pace and we managed it very well. It was only two laps missing and it’s a pity we didn’t get the trophy; the team deserved to win.”

“When I was doing my last lap to the chequered flag, all the marshals and fans were really kind to me and that was very emotional. I want to say thank you for that. Let’s come back stronger and grab that trophy.”

Nakajima was able to restart the Toyota, presumably on electric power, to complete his final lap final lap before stopping once again at the scene where Toyota lost sports car racing’s ultimate prize. However, with the lap being well over eleven minutes, the car was unclassified for not fulfilling the regulatory six minute minimum lap time.

Nakajima had reported to the team that he was losing power and talk overheard in the garage from a U.S. journalist suggested that a turbo was the most likely culprit.

But why no smoke? It’s possible that the turbo itself wasn’t the root cause, but rather a loose (or burst) intercooler pipe/coupler failure may have occurred, resulting in a loss of boost pressure.

If this is the case, it’s unlikely to have been a progressive problem, rather a sudden issue that no-one could have predicted via telemetry back in the garage. Nobody was to blame, but blame never solves anything anyway.

IMAGES: Richard Washbrooke Photography


Toyota Gazoo



New Artwork – Volume 8 Edition 2

Toyota Hybrid – WEC racing at Circuit of the Americas

Toyota Hybrid Pits

Toyota TS040 Breaks cover at Paul Ricard

Toyota-TS040-Hybrid 4


From Toyota Press release:

TOYOTA Racing has revealed the TS040 HYBRID car and revised driver line-up which will take it into the 2014 FIA World Endurance Championship – and into a new era of hybrid motorsport.

Toyota-TS040-Hybrid 12

With 480PS of four-wheel-drive hybrid boost in addition to the 520PS 3.7litre petrol engine, the TS040 HYBRID, launched today at Paul Ricard, has a maximum power of 1000PS and represents the most advanced hybrid technology in racing.

Toyota-TS040-Hybrid 7

The move to a four-wheel drive hybrid sees TOYOTA return to a concept which has been part of its racing hybrid development since 2007, when the four-wheel drive Supra HV-R became the first hybrid to win an endurance race, the Tokachi 24 Hours.

Toyota-TS040-Hybrid 2

Wild New Toyota GRMN Hybrid Concept II at Nürburgring

Toyota will use this weekend’s Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race to unveil its latest effort at moving hybrid technology into the performance-vehicle arena.

The GRMN Hybrid Concept II is a sports convertible co-developed by Gazoo Racing. It is a slightly modified version of the gasoline-electric concept Toyota showed last year at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

Toyota launched the Prius hybrid car in 1997 and has since been researching ways to bring the technology into sports-car development.

The new GRMN concept weighs 3,300 pounds and has a gasoline-powered V6 engine positioned mid-vehicle–a move Toyota says should improve performance and stability. An electric motor powers the front wheels of the all-wheel-drive system and contributes 50 hp to the combined 295-hp output.

But it’s still a concept–we don’t expect to see this car on the road any time soon.

The Toyota GRMN Hybrid Concept II packs 295 hp.

Read more: http://www.autoweek.com/article/20110623/CARNEWS/110629940#ixzz1QA6emCcw